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Omega L2 Logger

Omega L2 Logger

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Omega L2 is a high performance and scalable data logger platform designed for use in applications where compact, rugged, lightweight data acquisition equipment is required. 
Omega L2 can log 250 channels at rates up to 1KHz, with data coming from connected analogue or digital sensors or via CAN and Serial buses. In addition Omega L2 has the capability to run on-board math channels providing further channels of information and calculations in real time, for example Qualifying Mode. 
Omega L2 easily interfaces to Engine Control Units via customisable CAN or serial ports and is also capable of communicating to external devices including a dash displays or another data loggers.
Data storage of up to 1GB is offloaded via fast Ethernet using Pi Toolset, an easy to use PC software configuration tool, and then analysed using Pi Toolbox, Cosworth’s class leading data analysis software.

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The Omega L2 Logger provides the following key features 
Memory:                                          512MB for data logging
Digital Inputs:                                    6 off standard     (Applications: 1 x Lap Beacon, 2 x wheel speed) 
Analogue Inputs:                               16 off. 0 to 5V, 12 bit resolution.     (Typical applications: Temperature, Position, Pressure ...)
Data logging                                       Up to 250 channels at sample rates of up to 1000Hz.
Communications:                                2 x CAN,     3 x RS232,     1 x Ethernet (100 MB/s)
Accelerometers:                                 On board two axis accelerometer

Possible variants
PLUS - 512Mb memory max sampling rate 200Hz, 20 Math channels, 6 analogue , 3 digital inputs
PRO PACK -1024Mb memory, max sampling rate 500Hz, 50 Math channels,12 analogue and 6 digital inputs, 2 outputs,
ULTRA PACK - 2048Mb memory, max sampling rate 1000Hz., 250 math channels, 16 analogue and 6 digital inputs, 2 outputs, Toolbox Pro analysis software.

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