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EMU Black + BMW E46 S54 Engine Loom

Our full engine loom for S54 engines made from Raychem 55 mil spec wire, extremely lightweight when compared to the OEM loom. With connection for the ECUMaster EMU Black and fly leads for inputs and outputs. 

Options include: 

Drive By Wire
  • Using Cable Throttle 
  • Retaining Drive By Wire - Use our custom made module
Relay Box 
  • Connection Power Supply for coils, injectors, rad fan, fuel pump as well as fuses
  • Use our custom made relay box to save hassle
Boost Control 
  • Not using forced inductions 
  • Needing a boost control solenoid to control boost levels
Loom Finish 
  • Roundit2000 - Using Roundit2000 on all major parts of the loom, the protective wrap is a good value for money option, and using DR25 heat shrink on branches
  • DR25 - Finishing the whole loom in DR25 Heatshrink is a good middle ground for a professional loom
  • DR25 with Boots - As with DR25 but including boots on all joints and connectors 
  • DR25 with Boots and Bulkhead Connector - As above but using a 58 way bulkhead connector to separate the loom at the bulkhead