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FREEWheel 8-Channel CAN Easyfit System with Loom


CANBus RACE system with AMPSEAL gold pin connector, matching loom and Easyfit Transmitter, ready to bolt onto your steering wheel boss.

The FREEWheel CAN Receiver is easily configured using our USB tool to match your CAN 2.0 device communication protocol and simply connects to your CAN network for wireless control of your CAN-enabled PDMs and accessories.

Fully assembled* with eight pushbuttons and two of our MIL-spec cal switches, with a choice of plates and the option of our bespoke red anodised rotary knobs on the larger X82 plate. 

A revolution in wireless steering wheel controls, for kit cars and race cars.

Features of the FREEWheel CAN 8 system

  • FREEWheel 8-channel system with Easyfit Transmitter which bolts straight onto your steering wheel hub and fits all standard bolt patterns on 6 x 70mm, 6 x 74mm and 3 x 50.8mm PCD steering wheels. 
  • Wireless switching of up to eight CAN outputs to your PDM, including two variable outputs for wireless rotary control such as multimap boost switching and traction slip control.
  • Ultimate performance from a 10ms / 100Hz broadcast rate.
  • Ultimate compatibility from seven, simultaneous CAN message formats (LSB, MSB and bitmasking) with free selection of base address, bus speed and identifier length.
  • Use as momentary switches with logic handled by your PDM, or use our intuitive configuration tool to quickly convert to latching or our special function behaviour.
  • All our special functions are included - BlinkSTOP intelligent indicators, BeamSTOP smart headlights and IVA fog light, rainlight and Flash-to-Pass.
  • Endless re-configuration possibilities, using the included FREEWheel USB programming software and incorporating an IP67-rated USB port with rubber cap.
  • What's in the box?  Easyfit Transmitter assembled to button plate with 6 soldered pushbuttons and 2 soldered Mil-spec calibration switches all fitted with bespoke nut covers, battery, decal sheet, Receiver, USB cable, FREEWheel sticker, installation instructions.
  • The FREEWheel CAN Receiver measures 86 x 55 x 35mm and weighs 112g.
  • At just 176 x 154 x 19-29mm, the fully assembled FREEWheel Transmitter and button plate weigh just 240g including the battery!