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Lotus Elise 220 Cup 550cc Injector Replacements


550cc/min Fuel Injectors

Strongly advised for all Lotus 2ZRs wishing to have a power increase with a smaller supercharger pulley, will support up to 350hp. The longer tip like OEM and improved flow/12 hole spray pattern of these injectors allows for a better burn. Due to injector location and proximity to intake valves short tip injectors are not suitable for this application.  We supply fuel rail spacers for all injector kits due to the injectors longer body being longer than Lotus ones. Lotus fuel rail adaptors are no longer needed. Injector fit direct to fuel rail. Uses the same connectors as stock for true PnP.

FLOW MATCHED SETS with complete technical data for tuning.

Flow Rate: 550 cc/min at 3 BAR
Coil Resistance: 13.4 Ohms
Lime-Green plastic body, extended nozzles

Injectors are all-fuels rated; including gasoline (MTBE), and E-85. 
The finished injectors are then flowed and inscribed with a control number. 
Data is recorded for each injector. The fuel injectors are then grouped into matched sets ready for shipping.

FLOW CHART: Each set is sold with a complete and unique flow-data chart indicating individual static flow rates at 3.0, 3.5, and 4.0 BAR. 
As well as 3.0 BAR dynamic pulse testing for idle (15% duty-cycle) and 50% duty-cycle. 
Along with a complete dead time off-set (latency) table. Flow matching was done with industry-standard equipment of the highest quality.
The tests were performed at varying temperatures to achieve realistic results. 
Linear tuning with excellent low-end, and idle rpm.