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Cosworth Electronics / Pectel SQ6M ECU

Pectel SQ6M

The Pectel SQ6M is our highly successful motorsport ECU used in many OEM and privately run championship winning applications. It has Deutsch Autosport connectors and advanced internal logging of 4MB and 2000 samples/sec plus a logbook. Standard functionality is available for traction and launch control, pitlane speed limit, closed loop lambda, VVT (e.g. VTEC or VANOS), expanded logging memory, fly-by-wire and dual lambda sensors at no extra cost!

 Additional option is the very advanced onboard capability to control paddle shift systems which has outrun the competition in professional series such as Champcar and VdeV. Comes as standard with 12 injectors and 8 coil outputs. (The SQ6M12 is available for 10 and 12 cyl applications).

 Features include 12 configurable injector drivers combined with eight IGBT ignition outputs AND eight logic level coil driving outputs make this ECU capable of fully sequential fuelling on normally aspirated, turbo and supercharged engines upto twelve cylinders. Fly-by-wire capability is included, with Stepper and DC motors catered for. Put all of this functionality in one small light box and you have an ECU capable of working with almost any combination of coil, injector, OEM sensor and actuator.