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2ZR High Performance Valve Springs - Beehive Type


The recent design of many engines is focused on lower possible parasitic losses and efficiency, the design of the valve spring needs to match this criteria also. Some newer 2ZR engines are equipped with beehive type springs.

This design allows using smaller retainers which improve valvetrain rpm capability.

Valve springs on 1ZR/2ZR engines are good up to 7100 rpm, but above or with the higher lift, it would be safer to go with harder springs.

We recommend using those on any competition engine.

Our springs were designed and manufactured here in the UK with tighter manufacturing tolerances than OEM springs (and aftermarket versions) they are also 30% stiffer, which we think is a great compromise between reliability, massive friction, and parasitic losses.

After manufacturing, the springs are shot blasted and super finished for internal stress relief.

Sold as a set of 16. 

Please check what springs you have in your engine before ordering!!!

Traditional springs are available here.

Why our parts?

Our parts are engineered and developed with the highest possible performance and reliability in mind.

Designed and manufactured in the UK for very strict tolerances and consistency.

Cars are our passion, and all we provide is the highest possible quality.