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Billion Super Thermo Lotus (2ZZ,2GR,2ZR)


When considering lower-temperature thermostats, opinions may vary - some claim their effectiveness while others argue against their use.

Our perspective is this: if your car is overheating, a new thermostat won't solve the problem.

First and foremost, ensure your cooling system is functioning correctly.

However, in high-performance and heavily modified engines, a lower temperature thermostat can increase knock resistance. Additionally, for motorsports and modified cars, using a water cooler with oil can help regulate the oil temperature.

The thermostat's temperature is just an indication when the thermostat starts opening, and your engine typically runs 10 degrees higher than that. For example, an 82 degrees C thermostat (OEM) keeps the engine at about 93-95 degrees C in normal driving conditions.

We offer two options, 71 and 65 degrees especially for race cars.

All our thermostats are imported from Japan and are known for their exceptional quality.