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Bosch 2x2 Double Fire Coil

by Bosch

This dual spark ignition coil is designed for low-cost applications in 4-cylinder engines.(or 8-cylinders if two used)
The Double Fire Coil 2x2 has no integrated transistor and requires an ECU with internal ignition power
The advantage of this coil is that the ECU needs only two internal ignition power stages for supplying a 4-cylinder engine.
The Double Fire Coil 2x2 benefits from series production ensuring robustness and low cost

Spark energy                                                           ≤ 70 mJ
Primary current                                                       ≤ 8.0 A
Operating temperature range at outer core        -20 to 120°C

Pin 1                          Coil 2 ECU Ignition Power Stage
Pin 2                          Ubatt 12V
Pin 3                          Coil 1 ECU Ignition Power Stage

Mating connector available here