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Capacitance Fuel Level Sensor

by Fozmula

A solid-state fuel level sensor provides a continuous output of tank contents in 0v-5VDC voltage format.

The sensor can be re-calibrated each time the tank is filled and can operate even with the inclusion of fuel additives. Available for tank depths between 200 mm and 1100 mm,

It can also be cut to length by the user.

The SAE 5 Hole mount making it compatible with most fuel tanks.

The sensor can be cut to length and be recalibrated by the end-user – see installation instructions for details.

It also features a low-level alarm that switches when the fuel drops below a predetermined

Supplied with kit for shortening probe.

Wiring Connections

Red: V+ (Supply)

Green: V- (Ground)

Yellow: Alarm

Blue: Signal out (V) 

White: Calibration