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Ecumaster RF Steering Wheel Panel - wireless

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The Ecumaster RF Steering Wheel Panel offers a professionally designed control interface that allows for customizable controls based on individual preferences. Its carbon housing and ergonomic design offer enhanced usability, and it features eight momentary pushbutton switches (OTTO) and four 8-position rotary switches. In addition to this, there are two spare switch inputs that can be used for shift paddles or other functions. The panel utilizes a CR2450 battery with minimal power consumption, lasting over 1.5 million button presses at room temperature. Battery level is transmitted through the CAN bus, with a low battery warning LED included on the receiver. With only four terminations (12v power, ground, CAN Hi, CAN Lo), the wiring process is simple. The panel is also compatible with the popular 6x70mm steering wheel bolt pattern and can be directly integrated with other CAN-bus devices using the same message format as the ECUMaster CAN Switch Board V3.



  • Wireless Steering Wheel Panel 
  • RF Receiver 
  • 9x Threaded spacers (three sets). Distance from back of switch panel to face of steering wheel is 10mm, 35mm or 45mm depending on which spacers are installed. 
  • Three fasteners 
  • 4 Position DTM Connector (with terminals)
  • Sticker/label sheet