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Ecumaster PMU-24 DL - Power Management Unit 24 Data Logging


PMU-24 DL is an new advanced Power Management Unit offering the advantages of PMU-16, plus additional high-side outputs and an integrated data logging memory.


170 Amps total continuous current.
Operating voltage: 6-22V (immunity to transients according to ISO 7637)
Temperature range: AECQ-100 GRADE 1, -40 to +125°C.
10x 25 Amps high-side power outputs (PWM capable).
6x 15 Amps high-side power outputs.
8x 7 Amps high-side power outputs.
Up to 16 analog inputs.
24x tricolor LED for each power output state.
2x CAN 2.0 A/B.
256 MB data logger memory.
Up to 500 Hz logging frequency.
Real-time clock for data stamping.
3D accelerometer/gyroscope.

As always with Ecumaster products mating connectors and terminals
are included at no extra cost, which represents substantial savings
and saves ordering separate or unnecessary components.

Please note for communication to the PMU a CAN interface is required. Peak-Systems, Kvazer or Ecumaster are supported.

Can2Usb unit can be found here.

 Pinout can be found here.

PMU family comparison is available here