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Engineer PAD-12 PRO-Crimping Tool

    Crimping tool for those that require a PRO tool for an affordable price.
    We have been using this tool ourselves, and after 5 years the tool can still provide perfect crimp.
  • Ultra-precise crimping tool (with interchangeable die plates) for open-barrel contacts / pins
  •  Easy die plate swap-out, with perfect alignment into the frame's jaws
  •  Supplied pre-fitted with a 'Medium' die plate set (other die plate sizes available)
  •  Allows crimping of over 100 different manufacturer pin types
  •  Die widths - 1.6mm, 1.9mm, 2.2mm, 2.5mm, 2.8mm & 3.1mm
  •  Integral wire stripper & cutter
  •  Spring-loaded handles for easy operation (handles latch shut for storage)
  •  Oil-resistant TPR (thermoplastic rubber) grips for unmatched comfort (strap holes at the end of handles)
  •  2.5mm hex key wrench included as a standard accessory
  •  Constructed from special alloy steel
  •  ROHS compliant