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VGS-T In-Line Gearshift / Flat shift Load Cell / Sensor

by Variohm

The VGS-T series of miniature load cells are fitted into the gearbox control rod and designed for use in clutch-less gearshift applications. During the gear change sequence the driver moves the gear lever as normal, the VGS-T series load cell detects the force applied to the gear shift lever, this force is measured by the ECU, then a series of control events take place that allows the gears to mesh with full throttle still applied.

Typical application include: Gearshift - Suspension - Steering - Pedal Force - General Testing

  • Miniature Size
  •  ±1000N Range
  • Ruggedised Construction
  •  6-16V Supply
  • M6 or M8 threads Standard
  • ±1% Accuracy
Stainless M8 half nut included n a kit.