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Komotec 2GR V6 Final Drive (EA60)

by Komotec

The standard Exige S V6 gearbox ratio is basically not so bad but needs an improvement from 4. to 5. gear there is a real big speed gap at 70km/h. Also the top speed of around 315km/h at 7200rpm is real long.

So we decided to change the final drive ratio in this gearbox, there are two final drives in this one gearbox, one for gear 1-4, one for the gear 5-6. 

In the attached board you could see the speed at 7200rpm in comparison between the standard gearbox, our close ratio. The gearbox could also be used in Evora which are fitted with the Lotus sport ratio gearbox. 

A perfect supplement to the ratio is our special limited slip differential we also offer.

The use of the close ratio can lead to more mechanical noise.

Gear ratios: all calculations are based on the rolling circumference of the standard tires

Fits to all Exige S V6, Sport 350, Sport 380, Evora (Factory Sports-Gearbox, Evora S, 400, Sport 410, 430, 3-Eleven

Gear ratio series Gear speed km / h at 7200 rpm

1 65,65

2 121,65

3 164,79

4 213,17

5 279,47

6 315,21 

Gear ratio series Gear speed km / h at 7200 rpm

1 61.01

2 113.07

3 153.16

4 198.13

5 249.27

6 281.15


 We recommend Driven gearbox oil for your Lotus  oil Synthetic 75W-110 or 75W-140 for heavy racing use and high ambient temperature use.