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Komotec Forged Piston Set 2GR-V6 Wiseco

by Komotec
Forged Piston Set V6

The pistons are some of the most important components of an engine. High acceleration forces and the high thermal wear ensure a high force in the component itself. In order to increase the stability, we have specially made for the Toyota V6 engine high-strength forged pistons. These are specially manufactured for us (not identical to other products on the market). In order to eliminate the specific problems of the 2GR-FE standard pistons, especially with supercharged engines, we have changed the pistons design and equipped the piston with a special heat-dissipating surface coating.

Especially when planning a performance increase (> 460 hp) you should not ignore the basic components of the engine and use our forged piston to avoid a total engine damage!

We supply a set (6 pieces) forged pistons including piston bolt and rings.

Compression: 10.5: 1