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Komotec Transmission Oil Cooler Kit Exige V6

by Komotec

Transmission oil cooler kit for Exige V6

Our kit improves the cooling capacity of the transmission oil by a separate cooler, thus ensuring less wear and better ability to shift.

At oil temperatures above about 125 ° C, the shifting capability of the transmission is significantly worse, because the function of synchro rings are reduced. You will notice this by a higher force while shifting and / or scratchy noises. An important aspect of this problem is to reduce the cooling of the transmission oil. Our transmission oil cooler is positioned right hand side in the engine compartment behind the air inlet and so it allows efficient cooling capacity. The kit contents the hoses and fittings as well as an electric oil pump. Thus, the pump is not running permanently this is controlled by a special thermal switch – this is included, too!

Warning, the oil cooling optimizes the function of the transmission, but cannot resolve constructional features!

The kit contents:

-Oil cooler


-Oil hose heat resistant

-Alloy fittings

-Thermal switch

-Electrical oil pump

- Holders and fixing-materials

The Lotus maintenance instructions for racetrack (Cup models) prescribes a transmission oil change every 2,000 km!