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Lotus Elise S3 2ZR Sachs Performance Clutch

by Sachs

SACHS Performance clutches are the first choice for demanding car drivers. Their extraordinary resilience guarantees an unforgettable driving experience with maximum dynamics - specifically upgrading the vehicle. You, too, can benefit from top clutch quality combined with profound motorsports clutch know-how.

The latest CAE equipment, such as Pro-Engineer 3D Design) and FEM (Finite-Element-Method) calculations are used to tailor design and configurations as closely as possible to each individual application.

ZF SACHS also designed and built Diaphragm Springs and all key components of the SACHS Performance clutch to achieve ultimate performance.

The SACHS Performance Clutches are assembled by hand. This guarantees at all times the highest quality attributes in clamping load and release characteristics.

This kit provides an extra 30% clamping force with the same daily road smooth engagement.

These clutches are manually converted for us by Sachs performance division.