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Lotus Elise S3 Cusco Plated Limited Slip Differential



Lotus S3 owners/racers  now has access to one of the best limited slip differentials (LSD) available.

 So far most commonly used was Quaife(available here) -Automatic torque biasing differentials (ATB’s) are a popular option for performance vehicles thanks to their smoothness and improved traction over open diffs. These are made up of multiple helical gears that evenly distribute torque based on a bias ratio, compared to the 1:1 ratio of open diffs. For instance, 4:1 bias means that the wheel with the most grip can send 4x the amount of torque to the ground than the wheel with the least grip. But, when one of the wheels have zero grip, the result is still zero.

The plated differential is primarily designed for motorsport and can significantly enhance vehicle stability, even when one wheel loses contact with the ground. It comes with the options of a one-way or 1.5-way ( need to be set during installation) , with the latter locking upon acceleration and optionally on deceleration.

Special oil is needed for longevity and trouble free use of it.