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Lotus Evora Front Undertray Fitting kit




The front undertray may be challenging to remove if the bolts are rusted or the spire nuts are snapped.

To address this issue, we offer a fitting kit with two options: one with stainless metal parts and the other with titanium metal parts ("add lightness"). The flanged bolts have a smaller hex to prevent overtightening and avoid issues with mud and dirt getting stuck in the hex (often kit is sold with button head instead).

Additionally, we provide 2 sachets of anti-galling compound and 2 plastic clips to assist with assembly.

The package includes 40 bolts and washers, as well as 2 sachets of anti-seize, for a complete fitting kit. Discover all the essential parts included in this kit by looking at the picture!


Proper installation requires clean and lubricated threads. If using a gun for assembly, be sure to reduce speed or use hand tools instead.