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Lotus Evora GT4 Engine Harness


Reproduction of Lotus Evora GT4 engine harness for Pectel SQ6 ECU.

Our engine loom is manufactured using Raychem 55 wired with mixed sleeving - small branches are covered with Raychem DR25 and the main branch is covered with Roundit 2000 sleeve. 

This combination give excellent protection, durability and keep costs at reasonable levels. All the transitions are covered with a durable heat shrink sleeve and bonded with RT125 to keep all in the right places.

Sensors wires are screened and twisted paired wires.

Please select the correct version in the options below

- OEM Denso throttle body

- Bosch motorsport 82mm throttle body

- Wheels speed sensors connected directly

- Wheel speed sensors signal from motorsport ABS.

It is also possible to add a push button for a fuel drain

Our loom incorporates a very convenient input for fuel drain - there is a small 2 way DTM connector that can be connected to the momentary switch (push button). Fuel drains can then be performed without the need to reach inside a car to trigger the fuel pump.

The throttle and pedal are now connected independently from the rest of the 5v sensor supply - this protects the engine going into limp mode when one of the sensors fails and interrupts the 5v sensor supply.

IMPORTANT - You will need to change the ECU power supply setup at SQ6.

Please note the main alternator cable is not incorporated in the loom, it is supplied as a separate cable that needs to be routed along the wiring loom.

We stock wiring partially finished but please note we will need 5 working days to finish and ship.