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Raychem DR25 Tubing

by Raychem
Heat-Shrinkable, Flexible, Chemical and Abrasion Resistant Tubing

Applications Specially formulated for optimum high-temperature fluid resistance, and long term heat resistance. Resistant to aviation and diesel fuels, hydraulic fluids and lubricating oils. Particularly suitable as a jacketing material for military ground vehicle cables and harnesses. It is also well suited for the demands of motorsport cable harnesses. When used in conjunction with System 25 heat-shrinkable moulded shapes and S1125 high performance adhesive, these products provide a complete cable harness system.

Product Facts
■ Flame-retardant 
■ System 25 tubing 
■ Shrink ratio 2:1 
■ RoHS compliant

Minimum shrink temperature: 150°C [302°F]
Minimum full recovery temperature: 175°C [347°F]

Price per one meter, for more than one meter just multiply quantity at the checkout.
Please note that are two version of DR25 one is manly US marked yellow print and as we supply white print.