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SRP High Performance Brushless Radiator Fan - 16 Inch Pusher


SRP R20016FS - 2115 CFM 16" Pusher - High Performance Brushless Fan is an on and off road ready system, capable of handling all weathering conditions and protection against sand, mud, water, fog and chemicals.

Designed for performance and longevity in mind the power and control electronics are integrated within the sealed motor to ensure longer useful life and reliability. 

Soft Start Technology

Programmed into every fan is our soft-start technology. Avoid costly electrical problems by mitigating voltage and amperage spikes across the system due to poor power management systems found in other fans.

Sensor Control

Low speed and High speed settings are programmed to trigger off a temperature plug installed in the radiator, intercooler or oil cooler. 

  • Low speed mode operates between 70C-89C
  • High speed mode operated after 90C

Sensorless Control

  • The built in PWM signal will provide proportional control of fan speed through your PDM.
  • PWM range between 50-200Hz (15% start to 100% full speed)
  • Failsafe built in PWM input loss of communication that will run the fan at full speed. 

The R20016FS is completely standalone and designed for turn key operation on any vehicle. Upgrade any OEM radiator, intercooler or oil cooler fan and see for yourself the power of Steele's electric brushless system.

Product Highlights

  • Height - 16.33"
  • Width - 15.47"
  • Depth 3.54"
  • Min (Low) CFM - 1450
  • Max (High) CFM - 2115
  • Amp Draw: 15.8A @13.5V
  • Cutting edge fan and motor blade technology 
  • Low noise and vibration
  • Lightweight motor design
  • High ambient working temperature
  • Operates in challenging environments
  • IP Rating - IP68
  • Duty Cycle - 50,000 Hours
  • 10 - 16 VDC / Variable speed
  • Weight - 4.2lbs
  • Operating temperature range: -40 to 140C
  • Pusher Style Fan