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Ultrasonic Oil Level Sensor


2nd generation oil level sensor providing 

➔ Continual measurement of the engine oil level in the static and dynamic range

➔ Compact sensor architecture with a multi-chip module

➔ Integrated temperature sensor

➔ Immediate measurement after switch-on

Fully supported by Ecumaster ADU excellent replacement for some BMW and VW engines.

Ideal for monitoring oil level in the sump, oil tank, or catch tank.

Modern and advanced technology provides dynamic and static oil level measurement and also oil temperature.

Available in two lengths 

-Long version range 18mm to 118mm 

-Short version range 18mm to 80mm

Aluminium and steel weld-on mounts will be available soon

The mating connector is available here.

Connection Pinout

1 - Power supply 9V-16VDC

2 - Ground

3 - Signal