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ADU Pre Made Loom

A loom pre built for your ECUMaster ADU5 or ADU7, using the original AMPSEAL connector. Taking away the stress of wiring in your own dash.

Fitted with:
  • 2 fly leads pair for switches, these can be used for resetting page values and swapping pages. Please order your switches separately or customer to supply them.
  • A connector on the end of a 1200mm length is used to connect power, ground and CANBUS. Including a GPS connection
  • Included as well is a port ready for CAN communication using the ECUMaster USB to CAN and a USB port to record your logs from the ADU.
  • spare connector for the sensor supply you find 3 pairs of 5v and sensor ground

The loom is wrapped in braided  sleeve to give it a smart look and keep all wiring neat

Mating connector not included - to connect to main connector you would need 8 way DTM sockets wire

 Detailed pinout can be found here.