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Lotus Elise S3 2ZR Forged Pistons


Set of 4 forged pistons for the Lotus Elise S3 2ZR engine. Suitable for both 220 and 250 models. 

Standard compression ratio 

Stock diameter 

Your block may need a slight hone to fit these pistons as they are designed to fit in a slightly used block.

The pistons are forged and then coated using the latest technology in coating.

A unique nanoceramic coating is applied to the face of pistons providing additional strength and far superior coating that OEM hard anodising.

The skirts are Xylan coated to provide better dry lubrication to the cylinders and reduce wear. This type of technology has been used for a long time in the highest levels of motorsport.

Xylan is in effect a composite material comprising of a dry film lubricant contained in a matrix with high-temperature organic polymers. This creates what can be termed as a plastic alloy that has excellent surface characteristics, including:

 Very low coefficient of friction
 Exceptional wear resistance
 Excellent surface adhesion
 Very thin thickness (as low as 5 microns thick)