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Lotus Elise S3 1ZR/2ZR Final Drive Kit


Brand new final drive kit for the  EC60 gearbox  used on Lotus Elise 1ZR/2ZR S3. We have found that the stock ratios in the Lotus gearbox are horribly long and don't allow you to use the cars full potential all the time, even at Spa-Francorchamps a notorious high speed circuit we saw the little Elise's only go into 5th. 

With the stock box coming in at a very long 4.294 for the stock FDR we have created this kit with a ratio of 4.933. 

From the graph, you can see the difference, with RPM vs Speed (Kph)  with blue being our ratios vs red and the stock set up. 

Quaife Limited Slip Differential available here

We recommend Driven gearbox oil for your Lotus oil Synthetic 75W-110 or 75W-140 for heavy racing use and high ambient temperature use.