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Lotus Elise S3 2ZR Billet Camshafts


Manufactured for us by a well known UK high performance camshafts supplier.

Set of billet camshafts - with increased by 0.5mm lobe and 10 deg duration.( please note actual valve lift is multiplied by valve rocker (follower) ratio)

Often we see reground camshafts used instead of this billet offering, however in this case increasing duration and lift can be only achieved by reducing the base circle of the lobes. This is perfectly fine if the valves are directly actuated but in case of the 2ZR, the engine "finger" followers are used. By grinding the base circle you change the geometry of these which pose a risk of  "dropping followers" (we have seen it multiple times).

Our billet camshafts retaining very important geometry of the valvetrain and guarantee reliability and longevity of your engine.