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Lotus Elise S3 2ZR Charge Cooler Kit

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Our charge cooler kit has been developed to improve the efficiency of the stock Elise S3 factory system.

More so on the early Elise S3's the radiator is mounted on the left front part of the car which has a very limited air feed and the cooling effect is not great.

Our radiator is mounted in series with the stock charge cooling radiator in front of the stock engine radiator, the lower part of the centre air inlet on the bumper. This positioning provides high pressure and speed air entering the area enclosed by a carbon fiber shroud forcing air to flow through the radiator.

Very often, radiators placed in free-flowing air do not provide full efficiency as the air will bypass the radiator, which is not the case when using our solution.

Our kit contains:

  • Custom made radiator
  • Carbon fibre shroud
  • Set of hoses and clips necessary for the installation
  • Manual for fitting