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Lotus Elise S3 2ZR Supercharger Pulley


Smaller pulley options for your Lotus Elise S3 2ZR engined car. As part of our 2ZR upgrade kits for 220-300hp, they raise the boost produced from the supercharger. Available with either or stage one or stage two options. Stage 2 we recommend use with our forged pistons and con rods to cope with the increased power output. Best combined with a standalone ECU to utilise the extra boost. 


With our solution, we do not spin any ancillaries faster, particularly water pumps. The stock water pump is not designed to work well on high rpm, so spinning it faster may cause cavitation, which will reduce flow significantly and may cause damage to the pump impeller.

Supplied with a new supercharger belt to ensure maximum reliability.

The installation manual can be found here.