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Louts Elise 2ZR Forged Conrods Set



This set includes 4 exclusively forged connecting rods, precision machined in the United Kingdom for optimal strength and minimal weight. These rods are made from proprietary forged blanks or solid billet in BS 970, Gr 817, M40V (EN24V) and produced by an ISO 9002-accredited facility. The high RPM and load tests ensure that they can withstand extreme conditions. These rods have lengths identical to OEM rods and the same rod-to-stroke ratio. Using shorter connecting rods increases side pressure on cylinder walls.

Please note: these are not generic 1ZZ rods, which are often misrepresented as 2ZR. The precision of our product is evident in the notable differences, including an offset small end lubrication hole and the absence of locks on the big end. The big end is precisely honed and machined for Grade 2 Toyota shells, and genuine ARP bolts are included with bolt assembly lube.

Grade 2 bearings are available here.