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Lotus Stainless Vented Brake Calliper Pistons


Set of 4 stainless vented brake calliper pistons, designed to

  • Brake Later
  • Brake Harder
  • Less Fade
  • Mitigate Fluid Boil
  • Less Heat

Fits Elise, Most Exige, All 2-Eleven

The price is for a full set of 4 pistons.

The RRR vented stainless steel pistons are designed to help eliminate fluid boiling or increasing your brake system's performance by dissipating heat in even the most demanding situations. Another benefit to these pistons is that they come with no weight penalty; they are of a similar weight to the stock pistons. 

For assembly, do no use any petroleum greases as they will damage seals. We recommend using professional caliper assembly fluid

We also recommend high quality Driven brake fluids