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Lotus Elise S3 2ZR Ultra Lightweight Flywheel


Similar to our already successful lightweight flywheel for the Lotus 2ZR Elise's however with more extreme weight saving. We advise it for racing applications only.

Using the stock Toyota ring gear means you have the perfect engagement of the starter motor and long time wear resistance, however, the RRR design allows for a 3.5kg weight loss. 

Manufactured from tool steel give a guarantee of long life and reliability.

Following the Lotus ethos of simplify then add lightness. 

Key Points

– Significant, noticeable improvement in acceleration especially in lower gears
– Easier, faster heel and toe downshifting
– Quicker throttle response
– Works with stock clutch
– Bolts in with OEM hardware, but we strongly recommend upgrading flywheel bolts (OEM bolts should not be reused)
– No modifications are required for reinstall, 100% direct fit


Why our parts?

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Designed and manufactured in the EU for very strict tolerances and consistency.

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