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S54 Engines

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BMW E46 S54 Adaptor
From: £330.00
£396.00 inc. VAT
EMU Black + BMW E46 S54 Adaptor
From: £954.00
£1,144.80 inc. VAT
EMU Black + BMW E46 S54 Engine Loom
From: £1,479.00
£1,774.80 inc. VAT

This is fantastic solution for your S54 based project either as an engine swap or adding a form of forced induction with either a turbocharger or supercharger. Our solutions provide great performance and reliability.

By using out state of the art EMU Black ECU you get to directly control VANOS - no need for opening factory sealed unit and removing diodes. Our ECU will control VANOS straight out of the box.

There is no need for ignition simplifiers using the latest IGBT drivers the EMU Black will control coils directly delivering powerful spark

Inbuild wideband lambda control provide you direct connection of LSU 4.9 or 4.2, no extra expensive controller needed just the sensor.

Direct connection of 2 knock sensors for engine protection, a valuable feature for high performance engines

For those going down a forced induction route we have direct connection of 2 EGT sensors straight to the ECU and advanced fuelling strategy for boosted ITB application.